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Here You can report potential in-game cheaters and abusers

Reporting Rules
Last update: May 16, 2021
Server IP:
Reporting rules
  • False reports are against the rules, and abuse of the system may result in staff action.
  • “Absolute proof” is required in order to issue a kick, mute, or ban. Every report does not always result in punishment.
  • If an argument arises, try to solve it diplomatically in-game. If it isnt solved quickly, report it here.
  • Be as detailed as possible within the report limits.
  • To report an admin staff member, contact us through this e-mail address - [email protected]
  • Don't lie...
Good Luck!
*Reports will be resolved within 1-2 days once received.
*Only Noob Europe Administrators and Moderators can see these answers. We will keep this information strictly confidential and will not share this with anyone.